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Newsletter of the Benedictine Camaldolese Oblates September 2017

Oblate OSB Cam Newsletter September 2017

New Camaldoli Hermitage in the LA Times

Nice article about the New Camaldoli Hermitage in the LA Times!



Thank You Dinner for Fundraiser Committee

Thank you to all those that helped with the New Camaldoli Fundraiser at the Serra Chapel in Shandon.

Fundraiser for the Hermitage

Success has come to the monastic community and all of the folks among our oblates and friends and donors for the Concert, Auction and Wine Evening at Serra Chapel in Shandon California that the Augustine Foundation sponsored.

Although the temperatures were high at 109 degrees by having a wind blowing it seemed cooler and the cooling down happened by evening. There was a good spirit and Prior Cyprian and the Joseph Hebert a cellist and choral director gave a stunning performance of the various compositions of Prior Cyprian’s many recordings.

It was a moving experience as the moon rose blood red through the fire smoke in the sky drifting upward to a rose color and stars twinkling above and the sun setting in different red flourishes of orange, yellow and red and into purple that evening. It seem artistic blend with the great rose window the chapel above the chapel’s altar forming a trinity of light that night.

So, the monks at the Hermitage will use the donations proceeds to keep their bills payed as they continue to struggle to remain in prayer and ready to serve future retreat guests, once opened again.

Many thanks to all the many donors and may the God of longing bless each of you!

Fr. Daniel

Photography Credits: George Westlund

June 2017 Newsletter of the Benedictine Camaldolese Oblates

Newsletter of the Benedictine Camaldolese Oblates of Australia, New Zealand and Mumbai
June 2017

Oblate OSB Cam Newsletter June 2017