Monastic Life Experience

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2 kişilik king box oyunları Since the founding of the Monastery in 1992, we have offered hospitality to those who wished to experience monastic life here. It is one of the hallmarks of the Monastery and an essential practice reflecting the ancient monastic tradition of welcoming guests, and especially from the point of view of our founder Saint Benedict, to welcome them as Christ. At the Monastery, most of our Monastic Life Experience accommodations are for one person, meals are taken in one’s room and an atmosphere of gentle but profound silence pervades the Monastery grounds. A key element of any Monastic Life Experience is spaciousness – private rooms, or the welcoming space of the chapel which is open 12 hours a day, or the spectacular vista of the Coastal Hills from our property which is accessed via the 3.5-mile valley road – we offer people of all faiths the experience of engaging in something larger than oneself and in Someone who loves each of us infinitely.

kumar makinesi oyna In the interest of maintaining a silent and contemplative atmosphere, retreatants are asked to refrain from using radios, typewriters, or musical instruments. Pets are not permitted. Meals, which are included in the rates, are mostly vegetarian and are taken privately in one’s own room or garden.

perabet slot oyunları Please consider making a Monastic Life Experience part of your regular spiritual practice and if you can, consider coming here. We would love to share our Monastery with you.