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March 2018 Newsletter of the Benedictine Camaldolese Oblates of Australia and New Zealand

donna cerca uomo Rho  Oblate OSB Cam Newsletter March 2018

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Haitian Cross Of The Gospel donated to Monastery of the Risen Christ!

uomo cerca donna Treviso The donor and artist, Catherine Kit Vignal Hobgood, spent her early years in southern France fascinated by the arts and crafts of Provence with a special love for the work of ceramists of Vallauris.  During her school years in Cannes, Nice and Monte Carlo, she amused herself with various crafts while concentrating on her academic […]

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Hopes & Dreams for the Monastery for 2016

Redwood Garden Boxes and deer fence:  Here at the monastery we want to develop an organic vegetable garden for the poor. Because of the ground squirrels and moles and deer, we would have to build garden boxes of redwood to be above ground and to protect them from being ravaged by the wildlife on the […]


Happy 100th Birthday Father Steven Odenbrett

Happy 100th Birthday Father Steven Odenbrett! The monks and friends of Father Steven gathered for All Saints Sunday to celebrate a saintly monk who was one of the first to come to the monastery when it first got started as a new Benedictine presence.  Father Ray presented him with a T-Shirt he had made for […]


New Cake and Granola prices

New Cake prices and granola prices: Large Fruitcake and Date-nut cakes $43.00 Small 1lb. fruitcake & datenut cakes $22.00 Holy Granola $12.50 (Available at Monastery Book & Gift Shop – 2308 Oconnor Way, San Luis Obispo, CA 93405)


Monastery ʻWish Listʼ

The monks need your help in enhancing the monastic retreat environment for the people who come to seek spiritual development. We also have the practical problem of water usage for those who come and our monastic living. So, I would like to appeal to your generosity to aid us and with the certain knowledge that […]


General Thank You Message from the Monks

We wish to thank all of our donors and supporters for the wonderful support that has come to our monastery and helped us our monastic life become more present to the area since re-opening in February of 2014. Preparation and opening of our small guest ministry with furniture and appliances, linens were of great help. This has created a goal […]


Meditation Walking Paths

Now open are beautiful meditation walking trails. Get the details here.


News Update 6-16-14

It has been six months since Fr Daniel joined us to supervise the transition of our Monastery to the Camaldolese Congregation. Under his leadership, we are making good progress. All of us have spent some time at the Hermitage, starting with my two weeks in January. Br Michael spent a month and a half there […]