Daily Prayer Schedule

program per te rritur Mass is celebrated daily at 11:00 on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Holy Days.
The Presider generally offers a homily applying the scripture readings to daily life.

Daily Prayers

pillole per ingrandire il pene We have received many requests for the weekly schedule of the monks’ daily office and for the weekly schedule of psalms and canticles prayed by the monks. We are pleased to add these to the website.

Liturgy of The Hours

beste kliniek borstvergroting Weekdays:

6:00 am – Vigils
7:30 am – Lauds
11:00 am – Eucharist
5:30 pm – Meditation
6:00 pm – Vespers

átlagos péniszméret Sundays and Solemnities:

6:00 am – Vigils
7:30 am – Lauds
11:00 am – Eucharist
5:30 pm – Meditation*
6:00 pm – Vespers

Monks and guests pray as prescribed by Saint Benedict in the 6th century. Chants, hymns, readings, and prayer are offered in the Chapel.

Evening Meditation: 5:30 pm

*Monks and guests practice thirty minutes of silent meditation before the Holy Eucharist in the Chapel each evening prior to Vespers.

Sacrament of Reconciliation or Spiritual Direction:

Help is available by calling (805) 544-1810 for those wanting help with their prayer life, personal spiritual challenges, or those who are seeking deeper growth. We are here to be of service to all who call upon us.

Resident Monks: Fr. Daniel Manger, Fr. Raymond Roh, Fr. Stephen Coffey & Br. Michael Rodgers