Perennial Hope – Faith’s Seed Within Us

coppia cerca donna Taranto Meditation and spiritual practice that is engaged amidst the Holy days of Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday and beyond in the octave (eight days following Easter Sunday) points to the mystery of Jesus’ Ascension and our own destinies as disciples of the great Christian revelation. This revelation displays for us the elevation of the material universe being completed, healed in the resurrection of Jesus. Today this is a great moment to give witness to this hope and destiny and to re-commit our labors to bring this hope within our own testimonies and activities of faith and hope to others.

uomo cerca donna Mazara del Vallo

donna cerca uomo Cremona Hope is a peculiar and challenging stance to take up in a life long journey. It is not a concept but is rather encountered in one’s spirit of heart as it networks with other human heart-spirit that are sacred holding places of the whole truth of God’s mystery and love for each of us. God actively participating and elevating all that we are, endow us with the privileged grace of hoping through love toward God, one another and creation. Hope, that we look for in others and even signs of it in the ongoing organic development of every creature and indeed the unfolding we observe in the universe. Yet it is deeply located in lives that display in their behavior of hope.

uomo cerca donna Puglia People be they either adult, teenager, or children all are signs of God’s hope the sustaining gift providing solace within our lives. We as a church understand its surplus of truth in our meditation because Jesus the Christ was and is among us within change and development of all life. God has elevated all to a great revelation for our sake and salvation in God incarnate and resurrected and ascended into the fullness of promise made by God to all of our spiritual forebearers in covenant after covenant from Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Moses to Mary, Joseph the saints in Jesus. As for them, so for us, Hope will present itself at every opportunity in life and even in our dying through the care of others.

Hope looks forward to change and the promise of truth in God and holds its understanding of its past encounters with this one truth, that God in Jesus had said of himself, “. . . I Am, the way, the truth and the life. . .” is fulfilled. It is renewal of this perennial life-giving engagement with hope, who is a person that is the instrument of peace that sustains our resurrection faith, to be self-donated in loving and joyous actions supporting, consoling, living justice in peace that we embody hope.

From our monastic community Father Stephen, Brother David and myself may you be enriched ever more by hope arriving at your door in someone, either poor, or stranger, or familiar, in rainbows, winter snow, oceans and flowers where songbirds sing their own alleluia and crickets and rabbits jump!