Reflection on the Trappist Monks Martyred in Algeria

A short reflection on the Trappist monks who were martyred in Algeria that will be canonized on this December 8 2018 with a total of 19 from there including Bishop Pierre Claverie.

As a monk I am very moved that the martyrs of the Trappist Benedictines in Tbhirne, Algeria will be canonized this December 8th along with others including Bishop Pierre Claverie of that country. The motions picture Of Gods & Men released in 2010 and acclaimed by the Cannes Film Festival gives a remarkable account of what happened to them and the fraternal faith they lived as monks in dialogue with the Muslims of that country. Their collective testimony keeps before us the vocation of discipleship that we are all in varied ways to give in our divided world and churches.

There is a spiritual bond that they remind us of that goes back to Jesus and the Acts of the Apostles which displays a sign to us all and our world that hope of the resurrection of Jesus and that of his Cross endure and indeed challenge us to give consent to live this mystery out in our own dialogue with those who we disagree, or our enemies at times. Hatred and contempt form in us a false attribute we sometimes call human by nature, but the martyrs of Tbhime would certainly disagree with this and the vengeful attitudes we often evoke in living to justify discord and to subvert ministry reconciliation we are to be. Besides this the church recognizes their living and intercessory presence for us and our lives as disciples, that prayer, common regard in mercy and compassion are what distinguish us a authentic human beings that the Jesus deed of cross and risen life reveal to all humanity.

I believe that these Trappist monks can no doubt encourage our contemplation as monks nuns, oblates and all Christians deepen our faith and hope. Let us give thanks for this divine sign of the Book Of Life, and lectio their testimony therein given as gift to us.

Fr. Daniel Manger OSB,Cam

Prior, MRC