Sojourns of Sanctity


Reflecting on the Genesis account of Abram and his departure to a land unknown from the city Ur (Gen. 12 1-9), the parallel is made with our father Saint Romuald in undertaking a mysterious journey of peril and vulnerability at a later age in life. Perhaps one could conclude that this a pattern, as a human being approaches the later stage of maturity in spiritual experience and psychological developments as well. Abram has Sarah and Romuald in single and yet in community, unmarried, yet the corresponding dynamic of the invitation that inspires these figure the exercise of a spiritual intelligence that sensed the gravity of their destiny in divine love. In the historical era of which we now live, when populations are fast aging and living longer, the sojourn of these figures is an apt example and opportunity for the spiritual nomads to take the risk of undertaking some measure of response to the desert calling in metaphor and become peace in the arid landscape of many today.

St. Romauld

In Saint Romuald, he attracts a small band of followers at the beginning of this turn in his own monastic life replete with many developments, there is no rupture between the communion of shared mystery that beckons them to solitude and ascetic practice in their lifetimes. They displace themselves as human beings, not to become special interests to one another or the world around them, but rather to engage a realization of how a whole civilization can lose its sense of gratitude to the Creator and Redeemer and the Spirit that sustains and offers ever more open vistas of maturity in the humanity of Christ within, that will embrace pilgrims, lepers, emperors, and ordinary folk, and creation itself.  So, on this day of Saint Romuald, no doubt his spirit of potent response remains among us, as we share one another’s destiny to become pilgrim and stranger as clay vessels, bearing towards others, with the Spirit’s grace (Wis. 8 ) ) ‘ the privilege of love’.

Fraternally to all with my prayers brothers and sisters,

Fr. Daniel
Monastery of the Risen Christ