St. Romuald’s Feastday 2017 Reflection by Fr. Daniel Manger

programma allungamento pene Contemplative practice is the intention of our heart/spirit’s effort to acknowledge each day the awareness of the attending divine Christ presence rendered in giving us the first light of sacred covenant inscribed in each human heart.  The prophet Jeremiah in the Old Testament gave this image about the new covenant to be revealed. St. Romuald’s own devotion to sacred reading (lectio divina) was a life long attending to this divine presence in the Word that had touched his heart’s/spirit.

männlichen Verbesserung Übung Once, I was in Italy at the monastery of Camaldoli and was honored to look upon the open bible of St. Romuald, which had his notations upon the pages of that ancient and priceless relic.  It struck me then of how much the Word accompanied his life and he was nurtured in so many countless ways to take encouragement and trust, that unfolded in the hope and warmth he radiated as a monk and brother in contemplative living.

brustvergrößerung von a auf b Our monastic sojourn is a codex of the travels of our heart’s spirit in faith communion that nurtures hope, where it has not been discovered in another’s.  The heart’s insight offered in self-donation of love in ordinary and simple means, daily puts back into focus an organic life spirit presence that aids all humanity and creation to sing, speak, rejoice.  It consoles us that the divine love in Christ showers upon us, in our inner desert and destitute attitudes and temptations that render no hope and thereby bring no life-wonder to our days.

größer werden dick St. Romuald by his example in contemplative living gives us the hope for our own time and our sisters and brothers the world over.