The Road of Calvary and the Road to Emmaus by Fr. Daniel Manger

Lent is the season for our reason for hope in living day by day the gospel life in our context and history and our history has presented a dramatic event, the Corona virus pandemic. Contemplative practices of abstaining from attitudes that do not foster charity or the other virtues is the perennial reminder that our time is a precious gift, to live for the good that Jesus teaches us to for example the ‘golden rule’ and the beatitudes, the twofold commandment.

Since the national emergency and the closing off of many entertainments, schools, universities and other activities that can indulge distractions, it an opportune time to refresh our memories , place within this vacuous time a practice of meditation, prayer, quiet savoring of scripture, and spiritual reading. It is an opportunity to retrieve engage is spiritual exercises I have mentioned. God is generous is displaying many templates of his providential wisdom for our good and humane development. We may at this point in our global community, nation or locally communities witness many deaths and much suffering, but we do not have add to this tragedy more suffering in any way. The opportunity to practice what we preach of the love of neighbor and the honoring of God who displayed all his love in Jesus, through the cross and resurrection, sojourns with us in our commitment to truth in love and hope within every step. we take to be a consolation to others, amidst the grief and loss that may arrive in their lives.

Lent is a time of remembrance of recall and retelling the wonder of how we ourselves have been gifted by the Risen Jesus , who walked the road to Calvary as well as the road to Emmaus and with tender care washed the feet of those who spread the gospel to comfort the afflicted of the world. 

Fr. Daniel Manger